You buy insurance to gain the peace of mind that help will be there if you are in an auto accident, you become ill or disabled, or suffer a property loss. As a business owner, you rely on insurance as a safety net against the unexpected. Insurance companies have an obligation to cover claims and afford protection that was promised in their policy. Unfortunately, many big corporations deny claims as a means of ensuring their own profitability. You may find yourself embroiled in coverage disputes.  The good faith understanding you had at the time of acquiring an insurance policy may not be honored.

Mary Ewing Law represents clients in the following insurance matters:

  • Coverage Issues, Health, Accident and Disability
  • Bad Faith
  • ERISA Benefit Disputes 

Coverage Issues
Our firm represents clients in disputes with insurance carriers over coverage issues. We take a creative approach to negotiating settlements that assist businesses as well as individual policy holders.

Bad Faith
When an insurance company fails to pay claims promptly or wrongfully denies a claim, the carrier is acting in bad faith. Individual policy holders as well as companies rely on insurance carriers through medical, liability, life, homeowners, disability and many other types of insurance coverage.  We can help obtain the benefits to which the insured is entitled.

ERISA Benefit Disputes
ERISA is the short-hand phrase for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act which was enacted in 1974. It is also called the Pension Reform Act and regulates most pension and employee benefit plans in the U.S., such as group health plans that private sector employees and unions offer to workers and their families.

Examples of types of ERISA benefit disputes include:

  • Short and Long Term Disability;
  • Health Benefits