“No one calls a lawyer because they're having a good day.  People come to me because they are having a crisis in their lives and they need help."

-Mary Ewing


Mary Ewing Law is a Denver based law firm that provides personalized legal help,    effectively tailored to meet clients’ needs. Mary Ewing is a highly respected lawyer        who has provided clients with powerful and unwavering representation for over           40 years. Combining her legal skills and expertise, she created a successful practice in    Englewood, Colorado where she practices today.  Joining the firm as special counsel in 2017 is Craig Fleishman, a well respected attorney who takes the same pride in representing clients and meeting their needs.


About US

We give our clients the best representation possible. Our attorneys take a creative approach to cases, are hard-working and persist in achieving positive results on behalf of our clients.

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Practice Areas

In addition to offering our clients personalized attention, throughout the years Mary Ewing Law has developed exceptional expertise in a number of practice areas. 

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